Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Christmas time!

Cool Advent Calendar Workshops!

Leave it to CTMH to come up with a faster, simpler, easier way to create traditions and memories for your family at Christmas! Our Advent Calendar Workshop on the Go has it all! The box, paper, cool chipboard frames, and an exclusive stamp set. So easy and yet so fun to put together. 
I decided to make one using the Workshop on the Go kit. I love how it turned out. I didn't add lots of Christmas decorations since I think I'm going to use the box for other count downs with different boxes. 1 chipboard display...many little drawers! I can't wait to make the drawers for Easter!

Santa's little elves!

Here are my little elf friends busy working on their calendars!  We had such a great time! They decided to use a variety of papers. Robin bought some vintage looking paper and I cut the boxes and frames using my Artiste Cartridge. This is just one of our amazing Cricut Cartridges. A must have if you like 3D projects and parties.

Shirley asked me to make several daisy white drawers as well as a few red and green. She took pieces of Christmas wrapping paper, paints, gel pens, and practically anything else she could find to create her own designs. She is an excellent painter and I was amazed at how unique and beautiful each box turned out. She is a more free-style creator. Every box has a different feel. You can see a few of her first boxes in the photo to the left. I did cut numbers for her but she also hand sketched and painted some of the numbers herself.

Here is the creative elf herself! Working on her project. Yes, she has her mag-eyes on so she can see the detail. One of my fav craft tools is my set of mag-eyes.

Almost finished!

Here is Robin's very cool calendar almost finished. She sponged each of the frames I cut from the Artiste and the Art Philosophy Cartridge.
I love how well these two carts make creating so much easier. I know some of you would disagree, but I love the ability the Cricut gives me to cut shapes at a variety of sizes to fit any project. I have only a few punches but I just can't see buying a punch or die to cut 1 to 2 sizes. I figure my Cricut has paid for itself and it takes up so much less room than 100+ punches and I have so many more designs just on the two CTMH carts.


It took us a couple nights of fun and crafting but Robin and I got ours done. Shirley is still adding the finishing touches to hers. She has her numbers on and most of the painting done. She now needs to coat each one with Mod-Podge to protect the painting. It won't take her too long. But she is actually just starting. She plans to make little clay and paper animals for a Nativity. Some of them she will even make with the family getting the calendar as a gift. 

Robin has purchased small ornaments and she and her son are adding them to their tree each day.

Great friends made great memories of crafting together and now families are enjoying these calendars that will enhance their Christmas traditions for years to come!
Doesn't get much better than that! I'd love to have you as a customer & a friend! No matter if you are near or far, Ieven FaceTime or Skype to help you craft.

It's not to late! Close to My Heart has several great projects that you and your family could do over Christmas. Check out my new promotion: Whooose Your Valentine which starts on Dec. 13. You get a great Valentine project for $10 with a qualifying purchase of $35. It includes the exclusive stamp set with owls, die cut boxes, and the candy holders! (Swoon!) 
I'd love to have you as a customer & a friend! No matter if you are near or far, I'm here to support you and your crafting. I'm just an email, FB post or video chat away!

Check back soon! I've got several My Creation Stars I'll be posting!

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